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Tiana is a wonderful teacher. She shares her own learning experience with her students. I have practiced yoga for many years and enjoy my classes with Tiana as we grow together. Slowing down in my practice is probably more difficult than pushing myself. As I age, I appreciate my practice in a totally different way from when I was young. Tiana has provided the foundation for my practice.

Marjorie Yang

Chairman Esquel Group, Hong Kong



Tiana Harilela is the sweetest soul who can ease your pain, flex your muscles, bend your torso and unwind your mind. She’s the best!

Jeremy Hobbins. 

Director Li & Fung, Hong Kong



I was so blessed to have Tiana as my yoga instructor. I was recovering from cancer treatments, and her patience and care made the yoga sessions very important to me and I know they contributed to my physical and spiritual health. She brings something very special to the sessions.

Barbara Thole

Founder and Director, The Executive Forum



If I could cross the ocean in a flash I would be saluting the sun every week under your capable, loving instruction. You are a dedicated, positive, wonderful teacher.

Natasha Stubbs

Dominican Republic



Yoga sessions with Tiana are a joy! Her enthusiasm is catching and she strikes a perfect balance between the physical and spiritual side of the discipline.  Tiana was my first yoga teacher as a hesitant beginner and thanks to her I am now hooked! i

Maddy Jones




I have been doing yoga for several years and Tiana is one of my yoga teachers that I am ever very thankful for. I was a busy professional and felt stressed out from my work all the time. Tiana's group and private lessons became a place for me to mediate. I could enter her class totally fractured from a busy stressful day and felt extremely grounded and peaceful at the end. I really enjoyed practicing yoga with Tiana - not only she is a gifted teacher but she teaches with her heart. She helped me grow in my practice - both physically and mentally. I feel so blessed to have her in my life as my teacher.

Kitty Cheung

Hong Kong

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