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The Late Swami Satchidananda 

My Grandfather

The Late George Harilela

There are many teachers and masters that have influenced me and guided me on this spiritual journey. Perhaps the most to date is my Living Master, Beloved Mooji-ji. This "One" remains humbly at his feet, and blessed to be in Satsang with him and working with the Sangha family daily.


My late Grandfather, George N. Harilela was an incredible soul. Through him I have come to learn what yoga really is. To do good, and to be good. Ultimately it really is that simple. 



He was a wonderful man, that dedicated his life to his family and to humankind. A charitable man who always put others before himself. I am continuously grateful to have had him in my life, to learn directly from him and to have had his love.

Sri Swami Satchidananda. His lessons to us, and to have grown up with his teachings was a blessing right from the start. Looking back at it now, I understand why there was a calling to embark on this path. 



Through him we learned a great deal of surrendering to a higher principle in life and to love the divine within us all. Gurudev instilled something in us that will remain in my heart forever, and there are no words to express the subtle affect he had on me as a child and into my teens.

Ashtanga Vinyasa as an asana practice has been a wonderful tool in grounding and leading me towards a more subtle inner seeing. I am grateful to both him and his grandson Sharath Jois for their teachings, and blessed to have time with them both. As Sharath now continues to teach and share his love and teachings from Mysore India, so I am happy to go back and continue to learn directly under him. Sharath is a beautiful teacher, with much to share, deep knowledge and I feel very blessed to have him teach me whenever it is possible to humbly be his student.

Beloved Mooji. Words cannot express. You changed my life. I love you.

Sri. K Patthabi Jois

The Guru of Ashtanga Yoga


Mooji -ji 

I also wish to thank Sri O.P Tiwariji, Paul's teacher, for his teachings in Pranayama and the Sutras. A truly great man, with a lovely soul. I thank him whole heartedly for all he has shared and for blessing me to teach simple pranayama. Paul Dallaghan, the first teacher to truly inspire me and my mentor in Asana and Pranayama. A wonderful man and teacher. My husband Shivam, for always pointing me inwards, I love you with all my heart.

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